Top Five Reasons to Choose Southeast Sea Kayaks

We understand that vacation time is precious and it can be difficult to choose from the many tour options throughout Alaska. Here are the top 5 reasons to make a kayaking tour with Southeast Sea Kayaks in Ketchikan part of your Alaska vacation.

1. Small Groups

During the summer there are up to 10,000 visitors in Ketchikan each day but there will only be 6 on your kayaking trip. Small groups make our tours safe and personal. If you have a larger group, we will be delighted to run a private trip for you. Our tours are not sold on board cruise ships because we prefer to cater to small groups.  Being independent doesn't mean we won't get you back on time! In over 20 years, no one on our tours has ever missed their cruise ship.

2. Kayaking is A Unique Way to Experience Alaska

Alaska's Inside Passage is ideal for sea kayaking because it offers protected waters and thousands of miles of fascinating coastline. Paddling a sea kayak allows visitors to slow down and enjoy the wilderness and wildlife without engine noise or crowds.

Southeast Sea Kayaks' owners, the Thomas family, live (and kayak) in Ketchikan year round.

3. Tour Local

Greg Thomas started Southeast Sea Kayaks over 20 years ago and he still owns the company today.  Welive year round in Ketchikan and are closely involved in our community. When you kayak with us you support free and low cost kayaking programs for Alaskan youth and organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Distinguished Young Women and Southeast Alaska Independent Living. Whether you are from Australia or Alabama, when you are in Ketchikan, we are your local kayak company.

4. Designed for Beginners, Enjoyed by Experts

Never been kayaking? Not a problem. In fact, many or our guests have never kayaked before. We are experts at creating fun, safe and enjoyable kayaking experiences for people of all ages and abilities. Expert kayakers will also enjoy the extraordinary experience of kayaking in Southeast Alaska and because our groups are so small, we can tailor each tour to suit the group.

5. We are Passionate About What We Do

We love Alaska and we love to kayak. Everyone at Southeast Sea Kayaks has their own "Alaska story" and we are passionate about creating unique and memorable Alaskan experiences for every one of our guests



Many of our guides are locals; all are extensively trained and love sharing Alaska with guests.